Magisto for developers

Join the video revolution
with the Magisto API

The Magisto API allows our technology partners to use the Magisto artificial intelligence based video creation platform as a back-end service to create professional quality movies automatically and at scale.

The API is an asynchronous HTTP REST API, and it is tied to a Magisto user email. It allows the partner to load images and video clips to the Magisto engine, along with metadata, and receive a downloadable link to the professionally produced movie.

Pricing of the API usage depends on the type of raw footage, type and length of videos produced by Magisto and volume of video creation.

Magisto is ideal for all sorts of businesses and developers:

  • Real-estate agencies can create home tours
  • Video digitization companies can provide Magisto as an additional service
  • Premium content producers can create trailers with movie and TV content
  • Event videographers can create preview movies of events in minutes
  • Sport highlights, music productions, classifieds and moreā€¦ the possibilities are endless!

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